Three Christmas Miracles

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The flames were going clear back to the tail of their plane.

3 Christmas Miracles - Foster to Adopt Journey Update

Each of them pulled the ripcord too soon. It just went up in a puff.

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They all fell to the ground. The effect of that mission just tore me up.

I believed that God would preserve us. There were three times I was taken off the roster to fly, and those three days the plane crashed that I would have been in, and I would have been killed any of those three times.

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I realized that it was God who spared my life. That is the only explanation for it. When I got back after the war, my mother wanted me to finish college and go to law school. When he retired the director made me full-time chaplain.

Five Christmas miracles shared by healthcare professionals

I told war stories a lot in the chapel, and a lot of the folks liked it. I retired when I was 92 as the oldest chaplain in government service. Thanks to James D. This article is from Christian History magazine Faith in the Foxholes.

Our pennies made all the difference

Show Info Artistic Team More. Photo credit: edmontonjournal. Consider the details: angel visitations, teenage pregnancy, shotgun wedding, the massacre of the innocents, the wise men… Source: Vice Read More. No one spoke. This is horribly, horribly sad, but Zelia is also WAY too smart to fall for this explanation.

Read it in context here! The landscape of resources about faith in the world wars is vast.


Protestants and Catholics share their experiences of the intersection between the two groups—from the Reformation until the present day. Your donations support the continuation of this ministry. Jostwick] During Christmas spontaneous gestures of goodwill erupted in some places on the Western Front.

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By various [Christian History originally published this article in Christian History Issue in ]. Next articles.

Christmas Miracles

World Wars: Recommended resources The landscape of resources about faith in the world wars is vast. The ecumenical dilemma Protestants and Catholics share their experiences of the intersection between the two groups—from the Reformation until the present day John W. Ida Besancon Spencer. Day in and day out, Erica woke up to take care of her children and her grandson.

However, because of her weakened immune system she has to wear a face mask that she has to wear for the rest of her life. When The Carlson Law Firm began asking for submissions for A Carlson Christmas Miracle, an anonymous source responded with her story and a simple request for beds for each member of Erica's family. Additionally, the family received a Christmas tree and Christmas presents for all four children.

Amy, her husband, and four kids moved to Austin for a better life after her husband accepted a job.

Miracles of Christmas Preview - Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

However, shortly after the move, her husband suffered a stroke, which put him out of work. Amy also deals with health issues that have kept her from working. She wrote to the Carlson Cares Christmas Miracle asking for nothing more than gifts for her four children ages 6, 7, 8, and In her letter, she described her dread going to the store at the time of year knowing that her four kids will ask if Santa can bring them certain items for Christmas.

Deep down, Amy knew that they would not be able to purchase any gifts this year.

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Carlson Cares delivered a Christmas Miracle to a Lubbock grandmother raising her four grandchildren. They had to rely on their microwave to eat because Mary has been unable to use her range stove. While Mary has worked hard all of her life, a workplace injury put her out of a job.

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Unfortunately, she has spent the last several months supporting her grandchildren on a limited income. As a result, she has been unable to afford the gas leak repair costs. Carlson and Shrauner delivered the gifts for each child, a special gift for Mary to open on Christmas Day and a gift card to a local grocery store to cover the costs of Christmas dinner for Mary and her grandchildren.