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A one-size-fits-all approach is unlikely to be possible, and standard-systems are likely to require considerable bespoke effort to fit metrics to their need, which will only be possible with capacity building in areas of data science and technical stakeholder engagement. Oct - OnlineFirst. None of this is prescriptive, but alongside stakeholder discussions on standard revision, it provides an extra source of information to focus deliberation and revision on where it seems warranted. For topics on particular articles, maintain the dialogue through the usual channels with your editor. Indicator approach; uses those appropriate at disciplinary level.

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Particulate matter is currently measured using particle mass, particle number, and particle size distribution metrics, with other metrics, such as particle surface area, likely to be of increasing importance in the future. Particulate mass is measured using gravimetric methods, tapered element oscillating microbalances, and beta attenuation instruments and is best suited to use in compliance monitoring, trend analysis, and high spatial resolution measurements.

Particle number concentration is measured by condensation particle counters, optical particle counters, and diffusion chargers. Particle number measurements are best suited to source characterization, trend analysis and ultrafine particle investigations.

Data-Driven Metric Development for Online Controlled Experiments: Sev.. (KDD 2016)

Particle size distributions are measured by gravimetric impactors, scanning mobility particle sizers, aerodynamic particle sizers, and fast mobility particle sizers. Particle size distribution measurements are most useful in source characterization and particulate matter property investigations, but most measurement options remain expensive and intrusive.

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However, we are on the cusp of a revolution in indoor air quality monitoring and management. Low-cost sensors have potential to facilitate personalized information about indoor air quality IAQ , allowing citizens to reduce exposures to PM indoors and to resolve potential dichotomies between promoting healthy IAQ and energy efficient buildings. Indeed, the low cost will put this simple technology in the hands of citizens who wish to monitor their own IAQ in the home or workplace, to inform lifestyle decisions.

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An improved understanding of epidemiology is essential to identify which metrics correlate most with health effects, allowing indoor specific PM standards to be developed and to inform the future of experimental applications. More by Scott D. More by Kevin C.