The Last Ride of the Knight Street Posse

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Juggalos, rallies and more: Lots of traffic headaches this weekend

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Who knew that fantasies of ax murder and antisocial mayhem were such potent vessels of male kinship? Insane Clown Posse, that's who.

By now, most critics agree that the rap duo's music — and its ever-expanding horrorcore mythology of crime, punishment, and supernatural devastation — is pretty much an artistic black hole. Nothing to see here. However, the same cannot be said for ICP's singularly devoted fringe of Faygo-swilling, facepaint-wearing Juggalo minions, some of whom have even formed their own rap groups and some of whom the ICP duo has embraced into their Dark Lotus supergroup.


Now there's a phenomenon that will keep ethnomusicologists busy for at least another decade. Of course, the Juggalos are hardly the first disaffected population to adopt outrageous alter egos and devote themselves to a seemingly diseased and apocalyptic ideology.

Like any social organism, the Juggalos have ancestry, genealogy and offspring. Herewith, the Juggalo family tree. The Picts: What is it about face paint that makes otherwise docile, unremarkable kids lose their shit?

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The Last Ride of the Knight Street Posse - Kindle edition by Edwardo Morton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Edwardo Morton is the author of The Last Ride of the Knight Street Posse ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews, published ).

People wondered the same thing about this confederation of Celtic tribes in ancient Scotland whose skull-smashing abandon on the battlefield was the stuff of legend. The name Pict means "painted or tattooed people" in Latin. Ask the Juggalos and they'll tell you: The clown paint makes them feel powerful, reckless and unaccountable. On Wall Street, they call it a "bespoke suit. Guy Fawkes: Oh, yeah — Fawkes was a Juggalo.

England's favorite Catholic anti-government martyr was happily dreaming of "mass murder" when he staged the failed Gunpowder Plot of November 5, and his present-day devotees wear their hard-luck-anarchist badges proudly, in the form of Fawkes-like bearded masks.

Berserkers: When was the last time you did anything in a "nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury"? That was the way these medieval Norse warriors did their plundering, and it also describes the way most Juggalos like to enjoy their ICP shows — in a mass trace of vicarious aggression.

Some modern researchers suggest that Berserker rage may have been induced by massive intake of hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol; others suggest mental illness or shared genetic flaws.

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T he subway ride from Manhattan to the th Street station in Jamaica, Queens, is so long that when you come up the stairs and into the light of the street, you feel as though you have jet lag. At the corner of th Avenue and Guy Brewer Boulevard, a small-time teenage hustler named Curtis Jackson—who would find much greater success as a rapper named 50 Cent—was busted selling crack and heroin to an undercover cop. The Supreme era once again haunts hip-hop.

Violence, both verbal and actual, has been escalating to a level not seen in a decade, as 50 Cent, Ja Rule, and McGriff play out roles rehearsed on the street corners of their youth. The feud has drawn in other rappers, D. F or Ja Rule, on the other hand, being embroiled in this beef has brought dwindling rewards.

A source close to the label says that even before its release, Lyor Cohen, president of Def Jam, the parent company of Murder Inc. L ike a hip-hop Hatfield and McCoy, Ja Rule and 50 Cent may hate each other so much because they have so much in common—they were born five months apart in in neighboring Hollis and South Jamaica.

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Both Ja Rule and 50 Cent dropped out of high school 50 made it to the tenth grade; Ja to the eleventh. Though 50 Cent was arrested several times, he was a low-level crack dealer and hustler rather than a McGriff-level drug kingpin. Ja Rule is best known for his association with another drug: ecstasy. Turf wars abounded. Beefs tended to be settled with extreme violence. According to an affidavit filed in January in an ongoing federal investigation into Murder Inc. McGriff promptly secured the return of the jewelry … using his reputation for violence to intimidate and threaten the robber.

Retribution related to the robbery continued, according to Ja, in March , when 50 Cent was attacked by the Murder Inc.

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The Lorenzos punched 50 Cent, and Gill stabbed him in the chest. In the tougher-than-thou world of hip-hop, the order of protection was interpreted by some as an admission of weakness.