The Grizzly Extinction Plot

Zinke Delists Yellowstone Grizzlies, Flouting Tribal Rights and Dooming them to Local Extinction
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Efforts to reduce conflicts with people and preserve habitat for dispersal and, eventually, connectivity with other populations outside of the GYE will be essential for further restoration.

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Management of bears will not change in the national parks. The conservation and management of grizzly bears inside Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks will not change significantly through this listing and delisting process.

We will continue to prevent bears from obtaining human foods, preserve wilderness to minimize human-caused mortalities and disturbances, and maintain our long-term monitoring program. We value grizzlies as a dominant species in the ecosystem—and one that offers amazing wildlife viewing opportunities. Millions of people visit the park with the intention of seeing bears and connecting with the wildness of nature.

Grizzly Bears & the Endangered Species Act

Wildlife watching also brings economic benefits worth tens of millions of dollars to the region. We are proud that Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks will continue to be the heart of the grizzly population keeping this magnificent species in the wild..

Reducing conflicts with people is the key to grizzly conservation. Employing best practices for safety in bear country doesn't just protect people, but the welfare of animals as well. When bears kill people or damage property, bears lose. If you care about grizzly bears, learn how to share the landscape with them responsibly. We will work with the U. The U. They make all decisions about listing and delisting in consultation with other agencies, tribes, states, and the public. The National Park Service will continue to be actively engaged with these partners and provide scientific data related to population estimates, habitat, genetics, and population connectivity.

Five or six small populations were thought to remain, totaling to 1, bears. The southernmost—and most isolated—of those populations was in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem GYE , where grizzly bears were thought to live in the mids. The goal of an Endangered Species Act listing is to recover a species to self-sustaining, viable populations that no longer need protection. To achieve this goal, federal and state agencies:. The Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan was established in and revised in This plan guides management when the grizzly is on the threatened species list.

Bear managers will use the Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy if the GYE population of grizzly bear is removed from the threatened and endangered species list. The Conservation Strategy is the long-term guide for managing and monitoring the grizzly bear population and assuring sufficient habitat to maintain recovery. It emphasizes coordination and cooperative working relationships among management agencies, landowners, and the public to ensure public support, continue the application of best scientific principles, and maintain effective actions to benefit the coexistence of grizzlies and humans.

It incorporates existing laws, regulations, policies, and goals.

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The strategy has built-in flexibility:. Explore This Park. Info Alerts Maps Calendar Reserve.

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Alerts In Effect Dismiss. A grizzly walks along a stream in Lamar Valley. To achieve this goal, federal and state agencies: Stopped the grizzly hunting seasons in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem outside national park boundaries.

History of Listing & Delisting (1975 to 2018)

Rockefeller, Jr. Summed together, the total range has been estimated to cover approximately 2. Life Span: In nature, Grizzly Bears have an expected lifespan of around years. Size: Adult females have masses between kg, and fully grown males range between kg. Population estimate: The Canadian population of Grizzly Bears is estimated to be around 26,, but the number of mature Grizzlies could be closer to 10, In Canada, though historical records are lacking, the population of Grizzlies is suspected to have declined dramatically as a result of European settlement.

As a case in point, the species has been completely extirpated from its former ranges in the interior of southern British Columbia, the prairies of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and the Ungava region of Labrador and northern Quebec. While the range of the species has expanded in some areas, and the total population has appeared to have stabilized since the s, there is evidence of further population declines in southern BC, the Yukon and Alberta.

follow url Population fragmentation has also put entire local populations at risk. Anthropogenic activities have had a large effect on the Grizzly Bear population.

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Direct human-incurred deaths are caused by legal hunting, poaching, defense of life and property, and collisions with trains or motor-vehicles. Humans also have greatly limited habitable range available to the bears, causing great habitat losses.

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Anti-technology revolutionaries are plotting to blow up the Vancouver Grizzlies basketball team, which is having the winningest season in NBA history, in their new state-of-the-art arena. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Liam Shay's work has appeared in two edited books and The Grizzly Extinction Plot - Kindle edition by Liam Shay.

In addition to causing higher mortality rates near roads and residential areas, human settlement has been believed to fragment and isolate existing Grizzly Bear populations. One of the major ways in which Grizzly Bears are currently protected is through hunting regulations. While Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador do not give Grizzly Bears any special legal status, the territories, British-Columbia and Alberta all have some hunting restrictions in place.

In Alberta, it is no longer legal to hunt Grizzly Bears with the exception of Aboriginal subsistence hunting. Westwards, in British Columbia, hunting is limited by the number of hunting authorizations which are issued to resident hunters through a random draw. The province also has severe penalties for the possession, selling or exporting of trophy body parts. In the Yukon, a quota system is in place which strongly incentivizes hunting male bears instead of females, as well as staying within the given quota for female bears.