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They can scar us. Leave us scared of love.

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So I found myself in this bamboo cave. Literally, yes (photo evidence provided). But also, metaphorically. Surrounded by a wall I constructed. Check out Inside the Bamboo Cave (Storytelling) by Benjamin Wiegele on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on​.

Splintering your spark. Your reason to live and love.

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Shattering who you are. Pretending the picture is still together, in one piece. A trap.

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Bamboo has emerged as the building material of choice for the twenty-first century. Shrimps, snails and the small crayfish are particularly suitable for the very popular small nano-aquariums, but are also quite popular in larger Aquascapes. For more than million years, this region was covered by a sea and accumulated miles-thick layers of sediments, including limestone. Nov 14, 1 Large selection of best quality Food for your Aquarium Shrimp. Available variants.

A cave. We construct walls. We push others away. We escape. It makes it harder to learn to love yourself, because you lose yourself. You bury, not build. There it is.

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The root. The root of rejection. The past pain. The lie. Yet some exploit love. Pull the bamboo shoots from their own soul scarring, using it to sear your heart too. Pulling you into the place where they felt pain. A place of darkness. The lie that love has died. That you are unworthy of love.

That it disappoints and destroys. So you take the lie as truth. You run and hide. What is the truth? Love was crucified. At the cross. Love was resurrected.

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Born again. Love is alive! Love that can overcome death and darkness. Love that can be renewed and restored. Love is salvation. Love is selfless. Love has no shame. So why then, do we remove self from love?

Why do we shut self off from feeling and emotion? Look, the lies are etched into the bamboo. I am undeserving of the love. VAT plus shipping.

Digital painting colorful style,woman in the bamboo cave.

The bamboo tubes , or bamboo shelters are a great natural decoration for your aquarium and are perfect as a hiding place for shrimp or smaller crayfish and crabs. Especially for moulting, the invertebrates like to retire to a quieter dark place, so as not to be disturbed by the other aquarium animals. For decoration and maybe even a "cooler look", the bamboo tubes can also be used well, e. Just take some moss and a cotton twine or nylon twine fishing line , drape the moss on the surface of the bamboo tube and wrap the whole with the yarn like a little meatloaf ;o , so that the moss is firmly established.

Over time, the moss grows on the surface of the bamboo tube and the cotton thread dissolves.

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From time to time take it out of the aquarium, cut the moss a bit and put it back in the aquarium Note Initially, the tubes float, but in the course of time they become full of water and then sink to the ground. As a makeshift you can possibly complain the bamboo tube with a stone in the first time. Passt super zum Laub. Vorallem die Schneckis und Babywelse kriechen gerne rein. Sieht super aus im Becken und die Garnelen gehen gerne drunter.

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Messages 72 Reaction score 0 Points There's another thread somewhere in here about making bamboo waterproof, I guess just follow those directions and you'd have yourself a bamboo cave. Butterfly Fishlore Legend. Messages 23, Reaction score Points Experience More than 10 years. As long as the leaves are out of the water it will grow and not rot. Hmm, that could be cool I'd have to find a big piece of bamboo I'm not sure if the leaves would be able to make it out of the water Also, could you still cut out holes it if it is alive?

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