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On his deathbed, Ragu predicted the coming of a Chosen Linguini, whom the people would know when he came, but the old prophet died before he could say the name of the coming one. Consequently, there was much discussion as to whom this Chosen Linguini could be. After much debate, and suggestions that it could be the late prophet Mosey or the Pastafarian community as a whole, a few members of the faith began to feel that Ishmali Camuwundra might be the correct candidate.

The reasons for this were plausible: Ishmali had always been a loyal follower of the FSM, and had authored many tracts about the good the FSM did.


He was a faithful pupil of Ragu, and had been named as one of the candidates to succeed the old prophet as religious head of the community upon Ragu's death. He even became popular enough to be known by name to all in the city of Hanuwumdra. But it didn't become obvious for some until Ishmali came out of his day seclusion after Ragu's death. Over the course of a single month, there had occurred a startling change in the young man's appearance: he had grown gaunt and pale, his striking brown eyes had grown jaundiced and glassy, and, most striking of all, his luxurious jet-black hair had turned the color of pasta.

This was enough for some to start praising him as the Chosen Linguini. Ishmali, however, did not make any announcements. He said not a word about his supposed messiah-dom, but instead continued to live life as if it were uninterrupted.

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If a woman shouted, "Oh, Chosen Linguini! If a man knelt before him in the street and begged Ishmali to bless him, he would just pat the man on the head and walk away; the man left marveling over the wonderful sagacity of the Chosen Linguini. Alas; even though Ishmali did nothing, the incessant worship of him by the people was enough to send the city's new religious leader, Subh-i-Wayh, into a frenzy. Fearing for his position, he ordered Ishmali arrested.

At the dawn of the day following his arrest, Ishmali was led out to a large pot, where he was laid in. Asked if he had any last requests, he murmured from the pot, "Forgive Ishmali was cooked alive as all the people watched in horror. A triumphant Subh-i-Wayh later ate that same pasta, Ishmali and all. After this, the ones who had revered Ishmali as the Chosen Linguini, now calling themselves Linguinists, left Hanuwumdra for a place where they could worship the dead man in peace. The rest of the city, obviously not believing Ishmali was the coming one but disgusted that such a fate would happen to a man who had done nothing wrong at all, rose up against Subh-i-Wayh, banishing him to the mountains, where he most presumably died.

The people then installed Nin Jhah, a righteous man who was well-known in the community, as their new religious leader. While not actually worshiping Ishmali as a god-like figure, they, instead, ever after revered his numerous writings on the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and kept his Word always in their hearts.

Nin Jhah A righteous man of prodigious strength, Nin Jhah was born the son of a poor cobbler. When not apprenticing under his father, young Nin was usually watching the prophet Ragu lecture to the people. Growing to succeed his father in the trade, Nin the cobbler was well-known for his good advice when potential clients came to visit.

With such aphorisms as "the wind that shakes the barley does not disturb the hops", Nin quickly became a popular denizen of Hanuwumdra. He was also renowned for his incredibly fighting skill; to the amazement of the townspeople, he once fought off an entire band of outlaws using nothing but a colander. In AD 26, after the removal of Subh-i-Wayh from power following his execution of renowned sage Ishmali Camuwundra, Nin Jhah was chosen by acclamation to take up the seat of religious power in the city. During his first few months in office, all was fine; the people were at peace, the Flying Spaghetti Monster was in his Heaven, and all was right with the world.

All that changed, however, after Nin Jhah's sudden illness. After returning from a trek into the mountains, Nin Jhah became afflicted with a vile disease, which drove him into delirious fervors and caused a horrible rash to break out all over his body. Bedridden for four months, he often hovered between life and death.

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When he finally recovered, the people breathed a sigh of relief. That would change, unfortunately. Though Nin had recovered from the illness, his mind had not; he had become warped and crazed. Furthermore, the hideous rash had disfigured his body in a most dreadful manner, forcing him to dress all in black, with all but his eyes covered in cloth.

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Soon, he called for a new defense force to be formed though there had not been one before , out of both fear against perceived enemies and extreme paranoia in general. After ordering the defense force composed of the most physically fit in the city to dress identically to him, he then decreed that all of Hanuwumdra should dress in this fashion. The people, enraged that the heritage of their religion was being disrespected as such, began to dress in flamboyant pirate outfits, in protest of the new dress code.

When Nin Jhah learned of this, he ordered the most flamboyant dressers brought to him. Asking them why they were disobeying him, they answered, "We may not ask you, Nin Jhah? Nin then commanded his black-garbed minions to fling those brought to him off the top of the Temple of the FSM. The general populace, shocked that this would happen, rose up in arms against Nin Jhah, eventually forcing their way into his palace.

After being confronted en masse, Nin Jhah offered the people a reasonable choice: those who would submit to the dress code and admit that it looked more stylish than the pirate regalia could stay; those who felt more attached to pirate garb could move to the other side of the city, where they could wear what they desired in peace.

The Temple of the Flying Spaghetti Monster would be split down the middle; each sect could have their services on the opposite side. Once the people thought it over, they agreed it was a good idea, and the city was thus divided: one half, the section controlled by Nin Jhah, remained Hanuwumdra; the other half, the section populated by those who dressed as pirates, would be renamed Pastafaria. Thus, the name of the religion. One small sect, however, wanted to carry on the teachings and training of Nin Jhah but not give up their beloved Pirate lifestyle and wardrobe.

They gave all of this infighting a miss and went off to the forgotten land of Manvradoria. After the Nin Jhah-ist sect moved to the Far East during the Crusades, they were not rediscovered until Pastafarian Year , when Alfredo de Spag-Hetti, a merchant from Parma, was given copies of the sacred texts of the sect by an Arab trader. Attempting to translate the message he found so that he could bring it to the people of Italy, Alfredo inadvertently mistranslated the sect's leader as the name of the sect, giving the world the name which it would fear above all names: Ninja.

Barry Foster A notable, yet mostly overlooked figure in the history of the faith is the prophet Barry Foster, who took his apostolic name, Ishmali, from the great and devout disciple Ishmali Camuwundra, who clearly had no need of it. Born in the small town of Gympie, Queensland in Pastafarian Year to an agnostic family and later receiving the faith through the witnessing of a particularly vivid apparition shortly after accidentally falling into a barrel of mead, the prophet Barry devoted the later half of his life to the task of divining The Flying One's intent through dreams and visions - transferred to him via a pet parrot that he kept in his trouser pocket - which he then translated to the page as a compendium of prophecies. The resulting publication "Testament of a Noodle-Envious Disciple", while initially receiving little recognition, became a pseudo-bible of the faith shortly after Barry's unfortunate and slightly odd death by an electric model tram in Pastafarian Year odd, in that the electric model tram was unplugged at the time. Sadly, the popularity of his writings began to wane to the point of obscurity by the 's due to the fact that none of the predictions seemed intent on coming true. Take for example, one of his most notable prophecies regarding the fantastic Great Contraption:.

Can you pirate vr games vive

Animation Production : Triangle Staff. He sets Honk and Tonk the task to stop them causing trouble. The script relies on the juxtapositions of the genre tropes, and when the actors play comedy voices over it, we can't take the genres seriously enough to see their interplay as anything other than a high concept "Look! Media Blasters October lineup Aug 7, Free download. This is possible only because the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the only all-powerful being, and only all-powerful beings can change laboratory results unbeknownst to their finders, showing that the Flying Spaghetti Monster must, in fact, exist. After being confronted en masse, Nin Jhah offered the people a reasonable choice: those who would submit to the dress code and admit that it looked more stylish than the pirate regalia could stay; those who felt more attached to pirate garb could move to the other side of the city, where they could wear what they desired in peace.

Critics point out that, contrary to his oft-repeated quote "so shall it come to pass while I do live", this prediction, as well as every other prediction, remained unfulfilled at the time of his death in This criticism is easily refuted however by the logical conclusion that his statement "while I do live" was never intended to define the time of prophecy fulfillment, but in fact was a condition of fulfillment; If he lives, then all shall come to pass.

If he doesn't live, then it won't. Clearly, as none of his predictions has yet come to pass, and as he no longer lives, history proves the astounding accuracy of his prophetic ability.

If We Don't Do Something Quickly (The Space Pirates)

Perhaps the prophet Barry's greatest contribution is his explanation as to why Our Creator designed the world in such a way that those who seek to delve into the science of nature would be confused and led astray by the overwhelming "evidence" supporting the theory of Evolution. Many have wondered at the wisdom of such design, and why He felt the need to deceive His curious children, when He could have instead left them to search vainly, or perhaps provided evidence that would prove without a doubt the He indeed did create all species, therefore sating the curiosity of those who seek the truth and letting them live in peace with the sure comfort of faith, and avoiding such division, prejudice and hatred among His children that has instead resulted from the discovery of Evolutionary evidence.

Prophet Barry's conclusion is succinct: "Well, obviously He's a bit of a dick. Mined from Lighthouse's shattered planetoid, they're amongst the rarest jewels of the galaxy! A symbol of wealth and status, pirates are always on the lookout for more, believing they can lead them to the Keepers and their fabled powers over the Galactic Lighthouse. On it's own, the buckle merely slows time down to a crawl. It was found in the forgotten caves of Wooloo during an expedition that felt like weeks, but in reality lasted minutes.

Slimey Description: These strange gelatinous creatures produce maps that are both detailed and smelly. As far as we can tell, the maps are always connected to whatever the Mollusk has been fed. Be careful: mistreated Mapping Mollusks have been known to send pirates to their doom when fed garbage or imitation jewels. Many Asteroid fields are littered with ship wreckage for this very reason The famed asteroid barrier was harder than ever to navigate without the Galactic Lighthouse's guidance--but we need to find out why the light faded.

Leaving the treacherous barrier behind, we were met by floating ruins and a dimming lantern. The planetoid had collapsed, as if something had been plucked from its core.

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The friendly Keepers were nowhere in sight. We turned our ship around and left, into the barrier and a much darker cosmos. Space Sirens with a puzzle for all spacefaring civilizations. When decoded, ingenious navigators from a multitude of planets found coordinates leading them to a galactic lighthouse! Left behind by the Sirens. It was built to guide every ship of every planet across the galaxy. The Sirens were never seen again, but shrines in their honor sit in every ship, in remembrance of their gift to space travelers Flinthook Description: The mystery surrounding the masker pirate and the connection to the missing Lighthouse Keepers has borne many a story!

Some say Flinthook is an orphan, the sole survivor of a meteor storm from the ravaged moon of Lazarr. Others think the masked pirate could be the Maximar Dynasty's last scion, who left throne, crown and kingdom for a life of adventure?

Gathering Songs

Superstitious pirates tell tales of a shipwrecked sailor's undead soul, brought back by the Sirens to bring back order to the starways. Outlaws from different worlds with a taste of adventure, a disgust of honest living and regular hygiene banded together!

Pirates! Aliens! Space Travel!

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Songs of Blessed Space Pirates file PDF Book only if. Results 1 - 30 of - [PDF] Songs of Blessed Space Pirates by Michael Dellarocco. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and.

Sailing under dark flags,pirates steal without remorse, eat with abandon and rarely wash. They've have taken to call their own foul stench the "Free Man's perfume! To better steal from the rich instead of each other, the three biggest corsair crews came up with a strange system to police their piracy.

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