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The Ego, Social Media and Self Worth
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As a self-described ruminator, I know that this type of worry and strife can lead to exaggerated emotions and stress, making myself angry over situations that have already occurred and those that have not yet happened. We end up defeated before we even take a step toward anything that can make us grow.

Begin your day feeling grounded and inspired.

Over-thinkers—such as myself—could benefit from the absence of noise. The act of being completely still helps to ease thoughts, shuts down fears and allows individuals to embrace the present for what it is. And not only can we mentally benefit from silence; there are also a few physical perks that act of stillness can promote.

Studies have shown that just five minutes of silence a day can help reduce stress and anxiety ; another study has touted the benefits of meditation amongst older African Americans with atherosclerosis and other health ailments. Silence also keeps us level headed, as it allows us to remain in the moment. When life is happening, we often get caught up with the burdens of our daily tasks and responsibilities. However, when you spend a few moments in silence, you force yourself to slow down and take in life as it comes.

Silence also opens our eyes to the simplicities of life that we often take for granted.

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Yes, a greater desire for thankfulness can be achieved through enjoying moments of silence. Social networks are an addictive distraction from worthier endeavours— meaningful activities that actually contain the potential to improve our lives , as opposed to having our precious egos soothed with worthless social approval.

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They are a great reset or what I would call mindful chiropractic adjustment to approaching the day. Not always. When it comes to my adventures with Borderline Personality Disorder BPD , one of the biggest things I struggle with is the poor impulse control and self-destructive behaviour. Major findings from the study describe three strategic approaches open, secure, and limited to disability disclosure on social media. So I retreated behind the sheltering wall of social media.

Sadly, life is a little more complicated than just doing whatever the hell we want, without consideration of social consequences. Sociality is a delicate balancing act, with soulless flattery on the one side, and courageous individualism on the other. These people can be found in the world around us, not just as faces on computer screens, characterised by counterfeit tales of perfectly edited lives.

Siddhartha suicide: Is social media shifting self-identity from body to public image?

Social networks are vanity on crack, and the acerbic mind of La Rochefoucauld would probably have condemned them to the dust heap of history, where they undoubtedly belong. Skip to content. Home Archives. Francois de La Rochefoucauld , surveyor of social approval — image from The Art of Manliness For a poodle-haired French philosopher born in the elegance of a post-Renaissance Paris, a social network would describe the group of friends that he spends his time with, sipping tea in a lavish French salon while discussing the deepest topics of life.

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Incorporating a greater array of voices not necessarily aligned with longstanding institutional actors might lead to an editorial product more prone to interpret claims and conflict in a systemic manner — rather than as episodic anomalies to be solved by institutionally-oriented consensus. Claims and conflicts are usually conveyed with a heightened affective tonality.

Opinion: Take a break from social media

Foregrounding them would also invite a shift from rationalizing to legitimating emotion as a core element of how the news is made, received, and interpreted. In a world in which billions of people spend a major portion of their days not only informing but also expressing themselves on social media, media organizations might want to explore a shift from solely providing news accounts to also hosting the conversations that those accounts — and the perhaps alternative ones generated by a portion of their audiences — might trigger.

Even though many leading online news organizations give their users the possibility of reacting to the news on their respective sites, this often appears to be more the side dish than the main course. Perhaps shifting the mindset from telling the authoritative account to listening to the voices from the crowds might be an effective way of harnessing the energy of the contemporary cultural moment, in and beyond.

Pablo J. Boczkowski is a professor in the School of Communication at Northwestern University.

Seth C. Wait until you see Laura E. Adam B. The Nieman Journalism Lab is a collaborative attempt to figure out how quality journalism can survive and thrive in the Internet age. Predictions for Journalism Reimagining the media for post-institutional times.

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Pablo Boczkowski. Can journalism reinvent itself for a post-institutional era? To put it bluntly, the media do not mediate as they used to.

Each year, Nieman Lab asks some of the smartest people in journalism what they think is coming in the new year.