Pennsylvania Charter of Liberties

Charter of Liberties
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Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges

Devastating Disasters During the s, a number of devastating events left an impact on Penn, who was only in his 20s. In , the Great Plague spread through London and killed 68, people. A year later, the Great Fire of London burned its way through of acres located within city walls, which included over 13, homes. In the Dutch then sailed up the Thames and set another fire, which burned through the English shipping industry.

These disasters influenced the way Penn laid out the City of Philadelphia. Apart from Catholics, the Commonwealth allowed people to openly promote other biblical interpretations. This included George Fox, a charismatic speaker and founder of a group later called Quakers.

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Penn risked his social position, political connections, and financial prospects by choosing this path. Family friend Samuel Pepys wrote that Penn had "become a Quaker, or some such melancoly thing. Penn wrote Sandy Foundation Shaken, questioning the doctrine of the trinity. Along with the printer of this pamphlet, he was jailed in the Tower of London and charged with blasphemy.

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The jury found him not guilty on charges of inciting a riot. This was a groundbreaking shift in legal precedent, as the jury refused to bow to pressure from the Lord Chief Justice and Recorder of London to declare them guilty. They even imprisoned the jurors for 3 days without food, water, or chamber pots, but still they would not relent.

Rhode Island’s "Lively Experiment"

61 [Pennsylvania Charter of Liberties]. The text is complete and as found in Thorpe, Federal and State Constitutions, – The Frame of. 59 Charter of Liberties and Frame of Government of the Province of Pennsylvania in America. Taken from Votes and Proceedings, vol. 1, xxvii–xxviii.

Parliament soon after passed a law protecting juries from being jailed or punished for their decisions. They would have eight children, but only three would reach adulthood: Springett , Letitia , and William Penn Jr. Penn mediates a dispute between two of West New Jersey's Quaker proprietors. Then, he becomes a trustee of West New Jersey. This is Penn's first official contact with America. He works with the other trustees to make West New Jersey a haven for Quaker colonists. Penn sailed for America onboard the Welcome.

This was Penn's first trip to America, and he arrived that fall after smallpox killed 31 of his fellow passengers. This included the future site of Pennsbury. The Lenni Lenape William Penn was committed to peace in the colony, and began developing friendly relations with the Native Americans before arriving in Pennsylvania. Because of his fair trade practices and willingness to learn their culture, Penn immediately established a reputation for dealing fairly with the Lenni Lenape.

Part of his success was due to fortuitous circumstances. The natives to the west the Susquahannocks, in the Susquehanna Valley had left their land, so the Delaware Valley Indians later known as Lenni Lenape were able to give their lands up to the flood of Europeans and move to western territory without hindrance.

The Freeman

Otherwise rapport between Penn and the Lenape would probably not have been so cordial. And lastly, I, the said William Penn, Proprietary and Governor of the province of Pennsylvania and territories thereunto belonging, for myself, my heirs and assigns, have solemnly declared, granted, and confirmed, and do hereby solemnly declare, grant, and confirm, that neither I, my heirs or assigns, shall procure or do anything or things whereby the liberties in this charter contained and expressed, nor any part thereof, shall be infringed or broken.

And if anything shall be procured or done by any person or persons contrary to these presents, it shall be held of no force or effect. In witness whereof, I, the said William Penn, at Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, have unto this present charter of liberties, set my hand and broad seal, this twenty-eighth day of October, in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and one, being the thirteenth year of the reign of King William the Third, over England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, etc.

Notwithstanding which separation of the province and territories, in respect of legislation I do hereby promise, grant, and declare that the inhabitants of both province and territories shall separately enjoy all other liberties, privileges, and benefits, granted jointly to them in this charter, any law, usage or custom of that government heretofore made and practiced, or any law made and passed by this General Assembly, to the contrary hereof notwithstanding.

The charter of privileges being distinctly read in Assembly, and the whole and every part thereof being approved and agreed to by us, we do thankfully receive the same from our proprietary and Governor, at Philadelphia, this twenty-eighth day of October, one thousand seven hundred and one.

Signed on behalf and by order of the Assembly. Add to Favorites. William Penn October 28, Artist unknown. William Penn, 18th Century. Public domain. Charter of Privileges Granted by William Penn, Esquire, to the Inhabitants of Pennsylvania and Territories October 28, William Penn, Proprietary and Governor of the province of Pennsylvania and territories thereunto belonging, to all to whom these presents shall come, sends greeting.

Penn's Charter of Liberties

Declaration of Independence. Rule of Law. Latin Maxims of Law. Robert's Rules. Constitutional Design.

Constitutional Construction. Constitutional Action.

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Basic Principles. Founding and Founders.

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License and Ordination papers of Anglican priest with special carrying case. Expelled from Massachusetts in the dead of winter in , former Puritan leader Roger Williams issued an impassioned plea for freedom of conscience. Despite these restrictions, Newport and its Jews served as models of the free expression of religious faith in colonial society. That there shall be a register for all servants, where their names, time, wages, and days of payment shall be registered. Community Reviews.

Rights, Powers and Unity and Federalism. Abuses and Usurpations. Constitutional Defense. Legal Reform. Political Reform.

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Citizen Action. Public Education. Proposed Bills. Constitutional Amendments. Expanded Bill of Rights. Trial Jury Reform. Grand Jury Reform. Private Prosecutions. Rules of Evidence. Proxy Voting for House. Repeal State Bar Acts.