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Late-Season Potatoes
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If he's hunting a pothole, he'll set the two mallards to his left, the two pintails to his right, and the spoonbill drake to his far right, by itself. Front and center of the pothole is left wide open for the ducks to land. Using what he calls a "stealth approach," Friendy hunts from layout blinds or boats that are fully grassed.

For the most part he blows mallard drake and pintail whistles and waits patiently for as long as ducks want to circle. Miller hunts the river bottoms and potholes of eastern Colorado. In the late season he scouts extensively and changes locations virtually every hunting day. His stock in trade is building temporary blinds or using layout blinds next to loafing areas where ducks come back to rest after feeding in nearby grainfields.

Miller says ducks are extremely skittish during the late season in his area.

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This is why he goes to great lengths to "over-camouflage" his blinds. And I'll pile it on. I want my blind to totally conceal my hunting partner and me. According to Miller, it's extremely important to provide overhead cover in addition to covering the front, sides, and back of the blind. Using layout blinds shortens the work required to disappear from the birds' view, but he's just as fastidious about covering these portable blinds with natural vegetation as permanent blinds.

The blind material should be the same color and consistency as the natural vegetation on-site.

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Scott Glorvigan of Grand Rapids, Minnesota , hunts his state's big lakes for divers—mostly scaup , canvasbacks , and "ringbills" ring-necked ducks —and says these birds get spooky late in the season. They also gather into large flocks. These two factors require hunters to change their tactics if they want to continue having good shooting through the season's end.

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Glorvigan likes to hunt off the biggest point on the lake, hiding his boat-blind in the reeds or cattails just offshore and setting out three-dozen decoys off the tip of the point. These big, mostly white decoys will attract ducks from a long way off," he says. Also, we'll spread the lines of decoys in the raft wider apart to give the big flights more room to land. And what's his main secret to success? If they come in, great.

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But if they fly over but don't try to land, they're telling us they don't like the way the spread looks. If they're swinging but not committing, I'll change something. I may move the decoys out a little farther. I may pick up a line of decoys to open up the spread even more. I'll keep changing things to get the response I want.

Originating in , bintje has a pale yellow skin on a long oval tuber with a yellow flesh. Heavy setting, the thick skin makes this a good storage potato. Excellent all purpose potato with fairly dry texture. Blue Mac.

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Blue Mac is our smallest purple skin white-fleshed potato. Great either boiled or baked.

These tubers are also resistant to potato wart. This potato was bred in Newfoundland by Agriculutre Canada Back in the 's.

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Not Available for shipping-Long to oval smooth red skinned potato with pale yellow flesh. Good storage potato suitable for boiling.

Resists internal defects such as hollow heart. French Fingerling. Late maturing oblong tubers with a red skin and light yellow flesh. This variety has drawn by far and away the largest number and most favorable comments from last years customers. It has the waxy texture characteristic of most fingerling varieties.

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It grows well and sets fairly heavy. German Butterball. Better yet was the raised bed that we could keep covered with plastic. You Grow Girl has a nice piece on the joys of late season gardening over at her site. And if you think your Zone 4 or otherwise early frost conditions preclude you from late planting, check this out from the University of Minnesota brrrr!

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