Choices Made: The Street Years

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How many important decisions have you already had to make? With the benefit of hindsight, how well did you make them? Not all decisions matter.

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Most decisions, like where to grab a sandwich, are unimportant. Yet some decisions are critical — they change our lives. Whether its who to trust, where to live, or whom to marry, these decisions reverberate for years. As a result, we often fall back to the pro-con list, where you list all the positive things that happen on one side and the negative things on the other trading them off.

While useful when deciding what to have for lunch, the pro-con list comes with a lot of blind spots.

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These were catastrophic decisions made by people who were, in some sense, professional decision-makers. They had impeccable credentials and judgment, and yet they made poor decisions due to poor judgment, a too-limited mental representations of the world, or just plain stupidity. Cognitive biases are great at explaining how our evolutionary programming leads us astray.

But knowledge of these biases in advance rarely helps us make better decisions. We have the wrong information. Making decisions with the wrong assumptions or facts is likely to lead to disaster. We use the wrong model.

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We use mental models to make decisions. The quality of those models often determines the quality of our thinking. There are a variety of reasons that we use false, incomplete, or incorrect mental models. Novices are prone to using models that the expert knows are incomplete or irrelevant. The odds of the wrong, or out-dated, model also increase as the pace of environmental change increases. We fail to learn. Well, that person is sometimes us. Looking over doing good. We unconsciously make choices based on optics, politics, and defendability.

We hate criticism and seek the validation of our peers and superiors. Luckily, we can take steps to reduce the odds of stupidity and increase the odds of good decisions in each of these categories. We live in a society that demands specialization. Being the best means being an expert in something. Letters after your name and decades in the trenches of experience are required before you can claim to know anything. In one sense there is nothing wrong with this — specialized knowledge is required to solve problems and advance our global potential. But a byproduct of this niche focus is that it narrows the ways we think we can apply our knowledge without being called a fraud. It takes work and commitment, and I think we owe it to ourselves to take it out of the box it comes in and experiment with it.

We should blow past conformity and apply all the knowledge at our disposal to the problems and challenges we face every day. Think about it. You may have read a book about the Manhattan Project and the building of the nuclear bomb that was launched at Hiroshima.

This story conveys the awesome power of self-sustaining nuclear reactions. You should.

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You make decisions like a golfer who never took any lessons: miserable with the state of your game and yet not seeking to learn a better swing, and instead hoping for the best every time you lift the club. Hoping that this time your choice will finally work out. These two men knew they had to act much differently than their peers.

They saved themselves a great deal of stress and financial pain by applying a uniquely effective system of organized common sense. In hindsight, it seems like an obvious good decision; at the time, it seemed odd and unusual.

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Here are some examples of applying — or failing to apply — knowledge about how the world really works. The variation in spatial robbery patterns over the daily time cycle was also studied by Hart and Miethe , using conjunctive analysis of case configurations see Miethe, Hart, and Regoeczi on robberies in Henderson, Nevada. How easy is it to fire workers? The O. Naturopathic Medicine Naturopathic doctors use natural remedies, including herbs, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counselling to help your body heal itself.

The lesson for us is that the people making consistently good decisions take advantage of how the world works. Real knowledge of the art of decision making, which remains true across time and circumstances, eras and epochs, can help increase the odds that we get what we want and reduce costly mistakes. While everyone else is guessing, falling into old patterns, blindly following cognitive biases, we can be clear-headed and laser focused.

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