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Here's where the 2020 Democrats stand on gun control
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Instead, it told CQ Roll Call to submit a public records request.

The bureau took, on average, working days to process complex records requests in Mullins McLeod Jr. Roof had confessed to drug possession months before the Charleston shooting and should not have been able to legally purchase a firearm under federal law. That was just 3. That small percentage had a big impact. The FBI says it continues researching background checks even after the three-business-day window, but it is required by law to stop research and purge requests after 90 days. There is no way of knowing how many people would have been barred from purchasing a gun if their background checks were completed — or how many purchases were made.

Ten other issues contributed to delays, according to the report. They included strict standard operating procedures that limited how background check examiners could research a case; a policy of relying on faxes rather than emails or phone calls to request missing records from local law enforcement agencies; and an emphasis on processing new background checks quickly rather than researching delayed checks. This call appears to be the first of its kind among the Democratic candidates. Some have also issued support for buyback programs, including former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen.

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Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Biden, who authored the assault weapons ban, is in favor of universal background checks and renewing a ban on assault weapons. However, he has yet to release a detailed plan on gun control reform. Castro, who unveiled a gun policy after the El Paso shooting, also came out in support of buybacks. In the past, Castro has described buybacks as having "had mixed success," but as being "good policy" in some circumstances. Instead, we continue the research -- into new policies and around the consequences of our existing policies -- and then come back on a regular basis to update the law," she wrote in her plan.

Warren, who was born and raised in Oklahoma and has said that she values the rights of "law-abiding citizens" to own guns, was one of the last front-runner candidates to unveil a gun policy, despite her efforts to be out in front of a host of other issues by dominating the arena of plans. Before announcing her policy, Warren had gained support of gun control advocates for her work in the Senate.

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After the deadly shooting in Parkland, Florida, Warren wrote letters to several major companies that invested with gun manufacturers and asked them to pressure the industry to change. In her presidential plan, Warren echoed Sen.

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Kamala Harris, D-Calif. Harris, who announced her plan in April, said she would also require near-universal background checks to be run by people selling more than five guns in a year and revoke the licenses of gun manufacturers and dealers that break the law. She has also talked about renewing the law that banned assault weapons but expired in -- an idea with near universal support among Democratic candidates.

For Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. But those factors don't keep her from supporting universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons, she said. In the past, Klobuchar has applied the same rule about her Uncle Dick to other laws, like preventing people on a terrorist watch list from buying guns. Not at all," Klobuchar said in Much like Klobuchar, Sanders has many constituents who hunt.

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In the past, the rural connection has led to criticism by some progressives that Sanders was too moderate on gun control, especially in his early career. The Vermont senator has made a point since kicking off his campaign to show he's evolved.

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During the battle for the Democratic candidacy , Sanders frequently was attacked for repeatedly voting against a law that established federal background checks. At the time, Sanders told a local newspaper that he supported background checks but was opposed to the federally mandated waiting period that came along with it because it might affect local gun shop sales.

Ahead of , Sanders often brings up his lengthy record to prove a different point: He has consistently voted since the s to ban semi-automatic assault weapons. I'm running for president because we must end the epidemic of gun violence in this country. We need to take on the NRA, expand background checks, end the gun show loophole and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons. Only one of the nearly two dozen major Democratic presidential candidates has not seen a mass shooting take place in their state while in office: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii.

Wisconsin governor calls special session on gun control

For the purpose of this analysis, ABC News defined a mass shooting as an incident where four or more people were shot or killed, not including the shooter. Harris, for example, who has made gun control a key part of her platform, held office in California when two of the state's most deadly mass shootings in recent history took place: 14 people were killed in San Bernardino in and 12 people were killed in a shooting at a college bar in Thousand Oaks in Colorado has also seen some of the most notable mass shootings in the country and there were two candidates in the race from the state: Sen.

Michael Bennet and former Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Hickenlooper dropped out of the presidential race on Aug. After a shooting at an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater in claimed 12 lives, Hickenlooper signed gun control measures that required background checks for private and online gun sales and banned high-capacity magazines. Ahmed spoke of the need for massive blood transfusions in the first 24 hours of treating shooting victims, followed by many, many operations, and the lifelong impact of shootings on patients and those around them.

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Witness denounces 'fictional' Ukraine election interference. Joshua Eaton. Easy to wield, this semi-automatic shotgun is basically crying out for an Infinity Ward nerf. Although the distinction is lost on some of us. Wiggins' return isn't enough as Wolves drop another at home. Here are a few key takeaways. Ontario Premier Doug Ford has said he would oppose a ban on handgun sales.

The Liberals have stressed working with provinces and territories to allow municipalities to further restrict or ban handguns, while at the same time denouncing Ford. Suzanne Shoush, a family physician at St. Here are a few key takeaways. Trudeau has faced pressure from civil-society groups to update Canadians before the Oct.

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