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Her boyfriend, Harvey, struggles with having a witch girlfriend, and magic ultimately separates the couple. Because his culture has already exposed him to brujeria — his family members have told him about the occult — Galvin takes the news about Macy in stride. Though not all of the characters believe in God — one is an avowed atheist — they live in a Latin American country heavily influenced by Roman Catholic beliefs, including the belief in miracles.

Accordingly, each character, even the nonbelievers, kneels before the Virgin of Candelaria during a festival in her honor and begs her for help.

La Sonora Dinamita - Las Brujas

Mingled with this Catholicism are the traditions of the enslaved Africans brought to the Americas. The Virgin of Candelaria has dark skin, and her festival takes place in a black neighborhood where dancers perform traditional West African choreography in tribute to her. This is the neighborhood where Carmen was born and where her ancestors were persecuted for their blackness and magical abilities alike. She carries a picture of the Virgin with her and prays before her, just as her friends do.

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This sort of syncretism, familiar to many Christians of color, appears far too little in standard Hollywood fare about witchcraft. Angely Gaviria is, by far, the main reason to watch Siempre Bruja.

The Practice of Brujeria

Her Carmen is vulnerable, optimistic, headstrong, and flawed. As she takes in her new 21st-century surroundings, the wonderment, and sometimes fear, in her eyes is palpable. Gaviria is joined by an ensemble cast with whom she has genuine chemistry. The wild-eyed Jhony Ki Dylan Fuentes emerges as the most charismatic character of the bunch.


As the wizard Aldemar, Luis Fernando Hoyos is a humorous cross between camp and venom. This is a series that engages the senses, whether Carmen is kneading dough, caressing her scorched feet, or mixing and matching the colorful prints in her wardrobe. But the show has its supporters too.

As property of the Aranoa family, Carmen could not have consented to a romance with any member of it. Siempre Bruja likely could have avoided pushback by removing the slavery context from this romance altogether.

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bruja f (plural brujas, masculine brujo, masculine plural brujos). witch, sorceress (​woman who practices witchcraft); Specifically a Wiccan · crone, hag (ugly. Brujería is the Spanish-language word for "witchcraft". People of both sexes can practice; men are called brujo(s), women are called bruja(s).

Siempre Bruja also sidesteps the subject of race in the present completely. Carmen is mostly surrounded by white and mestizo Colombians in the 21st century. If the show gets a second season, it will hopefully improve its handling of race. But even though Siempre Bruja — like Carmen herself — is an imperfect show, it remains a game changer.

English Translation of “bruja” | Collins Spanish-English Dictionary

It has gifted us with perhaps the most sensational black witch to appear onscreen. As TV shows and films frequently marginalize black witches or exclude them entirely, Siempre Bruja boldly shines the spotlight on black girl magic. Hollywood has yet to produce a black witch as compelling, or commanding, as Carmen Eguiluz. More than half of those women were women of color. It goes without saying that Latinxs are wildly underrepresented in film and television.

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I grew up listening to my grandfather tell me magical realist stories— these dark yet optimistic tall tales he swore were true— and with La Bruja , I want to continue this special kind of Mexican American storytelling. Listen to an audio pronunciation. Thanks to space-making platforms like Tumblr and Instagram, these self-identifying brujas are connecting online to decolonize and find healing through intersectional feminism. Rate your stay. I'm traveling for work If you select this option, we'll show you popular business travel features like breakfast, WiFi and free parking. The Practice of Brujeria gale. Costa Blanca.

It also goes without saying that celebrating Latinx heritage is critical right now. The magical realism of my upbringing, this bending of what is real and what isn't, is a lens that helps me make sense of the current state of the world.

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I think this is something we can all use. Any little bit helps! That's all, thanks for reading. I am a comedy writer and wrote absolutely zero jokes in this description!

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