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Tutor - Graham Bullock Duration - 50 Hours Tutor - Graham Bullock Duration - Hours Email Address. ZFS on Linux is available for all major Linux distributions. Refer to the getting started section of the wiki for links to installations instructions for many popular distributions. If your distribution isn't listed you can always build ZFS on Linux from the latest official tarball.

'Allo 'Allo star visits tank museum

The notes for a given ZFS on Linux release will include a range of supported kernels. Point releases will be tagged as needed in order to support the stable kernel available from kernel. The oldest supported kernel is 2. You are strongly encouraged to use a bit kernel. ZFS on Linux will build for bit kernels but you may encounter stability problems.

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ZFS was originally developed for the Solaris kernel which differs from the Linux kernel in several significant ways. Perhaps most importantly for ZFS it is common practice in the Solaris kernel to make heavy use of the virtual address space.

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However, use of the virtual address space is strongly discouraged in the Linux kernel. This is particularly true on bit architectures where the virtual address space is limited to M by default.

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Using the virtual address space on bit Linux kernels is also discouraged but the address space is so much larger than physical memory it is less of an issue. If you are bumping up against the virtual memory limit on a bit system you will see the following message in your system logs.

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However, even after making this change your system will likely not be entirely stable. Proper support for bit systems is contingent upon the OpenZFS code being weaned off its dependence on virtual memory. This will take some time to do correctly but it is planned for OpenZFS. This change is also expected to improve how efficiently OpenZFS manages the ARC cache and allow for tighter integration with the standard Linux page cache. Booting from ZFS on Linux is possible and many people do it.

There are excellent walk throughs available for Debian , Ubuntu and Gentoo. Each option has advantages and drawbacks, the right choice for your ZFS pool really depends on your requirements.

But in the end, how you choose to identify your disks is up to you. Several examples follow. A non-multipath configuration with direct-attached SAS enclosures and an arbitrary slot re-mapping. A multipath configuration. Note that channel names have multiple definitions - one per physical path. After defining the new disk names run udevadm trigger to prompt udev to parse the configuration file. Following the first example above, you could then create the new pool of mirrors with the following command:.

This file stores pool configuration information, such as the device names and pool state. If this file exists when running the zpool import command then it will be used to determine the list of pools available for import. This is useful for failover configurations where the pool should always be explicitly imported by the failover software. ZoL versions 0.

Some are as follow;. Additionally CEPH sets various values internally for handling xattrs based on the underlying filesystem.

On newer releases need for larger xattrs will prevent OSD's from even starting. The officially recommended workaround see here has some severe downsides, and more specifically is geared toward filesystems with "limited" xattr support such as ext4.

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We can set overrides to set 3 internal values to the same as those used with XFS see here and here and allow it be used without the severe limitations of the "official" workaround. Even ignoring the lack of power-loss protection, and endurance ratings, you will be very disappointed with performance of consumer based SSD under such a workload. To achieve good performance with your pool there are some easy best practices you should follow.

Additionally, it should be made clear that the ZFS on Linux implementation has not yet been optimized for performance. As the project matures we can expect performance to improve. Advanced Format AF is a new disk format which natively uses a 4, byte, instead of byte, sector size.

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To maintain compatibility with legacy systems many AF disks emulate a sector size of bytes. By default, ZFS will automatically detect the sector size of the drive. This combination can result in poorly aligned disk accesses which will greatly degrade the pool performance. Therefore, the ability to set the ashift property has been added to the zpool command.

This allows users to explicitly assign the sector size when devices are first added to a pool typically at pool creation time or adding a vdev to the pool. The ashift values range from 9 to 16 with the default value 0 meaning that zfs should auto-detect the sector size. Depending on the filesystem used on the zvol e. Neranya , Seefar , Cyrrena and 1 other person like this. Neranya , Aug 21, Seefar , Aug 21, Cyrrena and Breanna like this. Neranya , Aug 22, Aeriel , Aug 22, Avithax , Aug 22, Aeriel and Cyrrena like this.

I am unable to get Avithax's alias macro to work on a new character I recently created.

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Going to try it on some other characters and if Avi and I are able to figure out what is going on I will let you all know in case other people are having problems. A question. Avithax and Rosyposy like this. No other thread will ever compare. Adoninilol , Aug 23, Neranya and Rosyposy like this. Kheriak , Aug 29,