Göttlich verliebt: Band 3 (Göttlich-Trilogie) (German Edition)

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This one was taken by Danny. It's on display right next to The Hunger Games! I'm so flattered to be anywhere near that fantastic series. And this one was sent by Petra. Thanks, Petra! She took the sleeve off so you can see how amazing the actual binding is. I've never seen a book this tricked out before. My novel came out in Germany today. To celebrate my husband and I went out for some traditional German fare I know it sounds strange but LA is a weird place.

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It's been an amazing experience working with you. If you speak German, please check out the Goettlich Verdammt site. Goettlich Verdammt It's got lots of goodies! My first stop is at Bewitched Bookworms. Be sure to tune in and join the fun. Participants will have a chance to win one Kindle 3 WiFi with a beautiful Starcrossed Skin — plus - 10 lucky winners will recieve a Starcrossed Skin for their own personal Kindle 3!

Aren't they beautiful?

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For more details check out the Kismet site. I have a feeling that I'm going to get absolutely addicted to this series. Starcrossed is going to appeal to a wide-audience of readers as the book contains something for everyone.

Göttlich verliebt: Band 3 (Göttlich-Trilogie) (German Edition)

Action, mystery, romance and an intriguing and gripping plot are all combined to make this one of the hits of the year. I recently did a podcast with the aforementioned lovely ladies. I can't stress how much I fell in love with this creative, breath-taking, and addicting book I simply couldn't put it down. To all my German friends, apparently there was some confusion about the Starcrossed German translation. I was just told that it is absolutely NOT abridged.

I repeat, NOT abridged. I am somewhat behind in posting these, so I'm going to try and post one a day until I catch up. Some of these were already added to the website, but I wanted to post them individually here in the blog. Starcrossed is full of lore, of forbidden love, mystery and danger. Angelini's debut puts this author at the top of my to watch list and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with in the future. Thank you all for entering. We are almost at the home stretch. Starcrossed comes out May 31st , less than a month away!!

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Or a hotter husband? Teddy Toga!! May 31, The precocious Penny Moore just sent me this. Toga, Toga, Toga!

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Göttlich verliebt (Göttlich-Trilogie 3) (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Josephine Angelini, Simone Wiemken. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. Buy Göttlich verdammt by Josephine Angelini, Simone Wiemken (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Göttlich verdammt (Göttlich-​Trilogie 1) (German Edition) and over 8 million other books are . Göttlich verliebt: Band 3.

May 31, The Three Fates My fate rests in their hands on a daily basis! Thanks, Katie aka Clutch , Megan and Annie!! And The Starcrossed iPad2 Winner is May 31, Thanks to everyone who participated. More details later. Raychelle Smith! Congratulations, Raychelle.

How can a cat read, you ask? Tune in to find out!!! Kisses, Josie and Onion Comments. Happy Book Birthday Starcrossed!! May 30, The US version Thanks everyone. I didn't do this alone, and every day I thank my lucky stars. Josie Comments.

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Starcrossed iPad2 Giveaway May 30, It's curtains on the contest! One day left before the "official" release of Starcrossed! I guess you'll just have to stop by to find out. Stacrossed Unleashed!! May 29, It seems as though bookstores have gone ahead and put my book out early. Here are a few: This one was taken by Rachel Clarke from Fiktshun. Thanks, y'all!! This morning I vrasted. Over 27, hits in one day! You heard right.

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A Starcrossed iPad 2. Take a gander at this gorgeousness In order to enter the contest you must do each of the following. As before: 1.

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